Min Wong is a sculpture and installation artist who investigates reconstructed counterculture accoutrements from the 1960’s and 1970’s spiritual movements as a simulacrum for utopian concerns. Her installations aim to identify new systems of interrelation with the present and appropriation of self-help strategies within the critique of contemporary life. Min attempts to reinstate the potency of objects of ‘commodified self-awareness’, and takes an ironic view of the contemporary dilemma of spirituality. Using the studio as a faux Bikram yoga room, her sculptures and installations consider the ‘kitsch mystical experience’ and become an interplay between visionary imagination and cultural invention. Min has participated in international residencies in Spain,China and Los Angeles and exhibited recently at Housemuseum, Verge Gallery, Mars Gallery, Melbourne, Fontanelle Gallery, Brandil Library and Art Centre, Los Angeles and Pica.

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